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Ruby Quilted Jacket

Ruby Quilted Jacket

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Introducing our Cropped Quilted Jacket – a luxurious blend of vintage glamour and contemporary comfort. Crafted from a sumptuous heavy-weight vintage velvet fabric in a rich burgundy/red hue, this jacket exudes sophistication and warmth in equal measure.

The vintage charm is elevated with exquisite details, including a red pleated ribbon trim that adds a touch of texture and elegance.

For added versatility and charm, the jacket features a comfy hood, perfect for those chilly days when you want to stay both cozy and stylish. The intricate craftsmanship extends to the fastening, where two velvet bows create a soft and feminine closure.

Whether you're layering it over a casual ensemble or pairing it with your favorite dress, this Cropped Quilted Jacket is a versatile and luxurious addition to your wardrobe. Embrace the warmth of vintage velvet and the charm of upcycled materials in a piece that effortlessly combines style, comfort, and sustainability.

SIZE - Small

  • 49cm length from shoulder
  • 53cm length arms from shoulder
  • 115cm width

At SpiltMilk, our pricing is thoughtfully determined, taking into account the intricacy of production, the time invested in crafting each piece, and the rarity of the carefully selected fabrics. Each item is meticulously handmade in the UK, reflecting our commitment to quality and uniqueness.

Disclaimer: All fabric used are vintage or antique therefore may have slight discolorations, stains and/or signs of wear. Where possible I try my absolute best to avoid including these things in the shirts however sometimes it is unavoidable, if these parts do end up within the shirts I make sure that for the most part are unnoticeable for daily wear.

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