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The Secret Garden - XS/S

The Secret Garden - XS/S

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Boxy style shirt in cream with 100% Organic Cotton sleeves. Made from vintage hand embroidered textiles. Framed in white bobbin lace and finished with a sage green satin ribbon and cotton collar frills.

Fastened with one tie allowing for breathability, versatility for layering during all seasons. Wear over a bikini to the beach in summer, and over a turtleneck in the winter.







Pricing is based on complexity of the production of each design, time taken to make each piece and rarity of fabric. All handmade in the UK by SpiltMilk.

*Disclaimer: All fabric used are vintage or antique therefore may have slight discolorations, stains and/or signs of wear. Where possible I try my absolute best to avoid including these things in the shirts however sometimes it is unavoidable, if these parts do end up within the shirts I made sure they are as subtle as possible and for the most part are unnoticeable for daily wear.

(Returns accepted - 14 days from delivery. See Shipping + Returns for more info)

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