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White Peach Vest

White Peach Vest

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Boxy style vest made from vintage jacquard woven upholstery fabric.  Fastened with a large bow.

The one tie fastening allows for versatility, on colder days it can be layered and on warmer days can act as a light covering over a bralette or vest. 



Length - 47CM 

Width - 106CM 

Length of V from shoulder - 25cm


Length - 49CM 

Width - 106CM 

Length of V from shoulder - 26cm


Length - 51CM 

Width - 110CM 

Length of V from shoulder - 27cm


(Disclaimer: All fabric used are vintage or antique therefore may have slight discolorations, stains and/or signs of wear. Where possible I try my absolute best to avoid including these things in the shirts however sometimes it is unavoidable, if these parts do end up within the shirts I made sure they are as subtle as possible and for the most part are unnoticeable for daily wear.)

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